Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are conditions that are treatable, both at the mild and more severe ends of the spectrum. Realistically, while you need to get to the route of the problem, you also need to find ways of 'managing' and dealing with your condition while you recover over time

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Anxiety and Depression are the most common concerns in mental health today. Our lifestyles and pressures of modern life often only increase the likelihood of us suffering to some degree, from these conditions. They are often a complex combination of factors which are not always easy to identify. Often the factors are largely external (work stress, nutrition, social factors), and sometimes the factors are internal (chemical imbalance, genetics).

It is also not always clear what are symptoms and what are causes - being depressed or anxious because you can't cope at work, or are struggling at work because you are depressed or anxious. This simple example shows how difficult it can be for someone to break free of what can often become a cycle of symptom, cause, symptom, cause, etc and also combined with other variables.

Depression officially affects over 350 million people worldwide, although the actual number is far higher as many people go undiagnosed or suffer for a limited period of time or to a mild level. Women tend to suffer from depression more than men (70% vs 30%) although this may be more balanced if 'real' figures were available. Women tend to express depression through guilt or sadness, where men tend to get angry. Root causes vary, but often something as specific as a sleep disorder can be to blame.

Anxiety tends to be related to stress which starts as fear or worry, but can develop into anxiety disorders which are emotional, physical and behavioural in nature. But there are things you can do, without things getting out of hand.

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