Muscle Pain In The Back

Muscle Pain in the Back and how to cure it

Muscle pain in the back is one of the most common health problems that people all over the world complain about. The majority of us will suffer from one form of back problem or another during our lives.

Fortunately, most of us suffer for a short period, perhaps as the result of overexertion or straining our backs awkwardly when picking something up. And here’s the first clue to the rout of the problem for a lot of people – it’s less to do with the weight, or stress we put on our backs, but more the awkward nature of the movement that emphasises weaknesses in our backs and can cause the muscle pain in the back.

This can be a short term thing, or for many sufferers, this becomes a long term cycle of back pain caused by an awkward movement, which causes us to move in a restricted way and often causing further damage as a result. Many sufferers are hardly aware that they don’t actually have a long term injury, but a sequence of many injuries, one leading to the next over a long period.

So what’s the treatment?

As many of those that suffer from muscle painwill know, it’s not a matter of a single action to cure the problem, and a long term condition is unlikely to be solved overnight (unless we experience one of those sessions with an osteopath or chiropractor when a loud click is heard as they manipulate your back suddenly!). For most of us it’s a series of treatments and pain-killers, and anti-inflammatory over-the-counter drugs to enable a gradual increase in movement coupled with careful stretching.

The stretching is something that should be done very carefully and precisely, partly because it can do more damage than good if done incorrectly and also because if it’s done right it can have a profound effect on you back over a relatively short period of time. There is information and courses available on stretching routines to gradually but surely resolve your back pain issues.

However, even as your pain subsides and you start to enjoy the benefits of a new-found flexibility, you need to be careful of repeating the very thing that triggered the problem initially, namely awkward movement and over straining of your back. In addition, normal routine habits of how you sit, stand and walk can bring back the pain and stiffness all too quickly. You will also have become use to moving and positioning yourself in a certain way due to your pain in the back, but now is the time to really focus on your posture.

Selected Recommendations

Your posture is said by many to be the centre of your physical health, and that’s not a bad assessment. It takes a long time to change habits of movement, or how you hold your head while working at a computer for example. Ideally, you will have someone who can point out these errors to you as they are often invisible to the person manifesting them. However, even if you are dealing with this yourself there is guidance available. Don’t underestimate how significant these changes are; even if they feel a little unnatural to begin with, it’s worth persevering in order to ensure that your back problems are well and truly behind you.

Take a look at the exercise videos we’ve sourced to give you some pointers on how to specifically target your muscle pain in the back. Be aware that you should go slowly to start with otherwise you may risk making things worse, and please also take medical advice.

Also look at some of the recommended products that we’ve selected as being particularly effective. There are all sorts of products and info packs on the web, lots of good ones and lots and lots of rubbish, so we selected some that have been successful and we felt were worth looking at.

Recommendations for Muscle Pain In The Back – selected products that may help you.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life 2.0 (video intro)

Ian Hart is a highly respected sports therapist and muscle expert who became a specialist in this area because he suffered form back problems himself. So he has a genuine understanding for the issues and how they can affect your whole life. His approach focuses on fixing the problem fast, but also in guiding you so that the problem doesn't creep back over time.

HHQ - This link goes to a video intro page which is a quite tacky and goes on for quite a while, but the information contained makes it worth watching as an intro to the program. We like what Hart is doing as an approach.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life (static page)

The results achieved by Ian Hart's methods look impressive, and there are a great deal of video testimonials to back up what he says. Our own research showed that people who used this approach genuinely felt significantly better very quickly, with a gradual improvement continuing after that.

The information of lifestyle changes and simple exercises to keep your back healthy and pain free also achieved good results.

HHQ - This link goes to a fixed intro page which includes a large number of video testimonials which provide a lot of information for real experience rather than just the theory. Of course they only pick ones that say nice things about the product, but useful anyway.

Sciatica Self Treatment

Do You Have Any Of The Following Symptoms In Your Lower Back, Buttocks, Or Leg?

A dull or aching pain in the buttocks, hip or down the leg.
Radiating or tingling pain extending into the leg.
Does your pain feel worse when sitting?
Numbness or weakness in the leg or foot.
A consistent ache or pain on one side of the buttocks.
Intensified pain shooting through the pelvis, buttocks or down the leg when standing up.
Pain becomes worse during or after activity.
Pain becomes worse after prolonged periods of inactivity.

HHQ - this is a solid guide to getting to the route of your sciatica pain, and then helps you cure it.

Stop Sciatica

This cuts to the chase in a straightforward style, and provides some very interesting info on curing sciatica. Again it's not just about treating the symptoms but identifying the source of the problem that makes this valuable.

HHQ - Not a very slick presentation, but the information and techniques discussed have made this possibly the best selling internet ebook on sciatica - it's good, and will sort out your sciatica quickly.

Lose the Back Pain

Dr Duvall's approach focuses on muscular imbalances in your back which can have a significant and long term affect. It goes further in identifying a large number of specific back problems from relatively minor to severe problems and uses a series of techniques to get successful results.

HHQ - As with amy of these kinds of ebooks, there is a lot of sales hype but if you get past that you will see, even on the sales page, that there is some good rationale in what is being offered as a treatment.

Dr Kennedy Back and Neck Pain

Dr Jerry Kennedy has become a specialist in this area and offers a very fresh view on things. The information is clear, sensible and effective. His main point is that people get ged to back and neck pain as being 'normal' because they're always there - but they don't have to be.

HHQ - We like the style of the information delivery, and it's based on personal experience as well as the latest research. Worth taking a look.