Blood Pressure

Blood pressure

Blood pressure in it's simplest definition means the pressure that the blood circulating in your body exerts on the walls of blood vessels (veins and arteries). In the same way a car tire has 'air pressure', humans have blood pressure. Taking the analogy further, if a tyre has low pressure then it can't function correctly, and if it's too high then there is a risk of damage or excess stress on the tyre. Humans are similar, to an extent, so it's important to maintain the correct level of blood pressure.

High and low blood pressure levels both have their causes, consequences and treatments. In mild cases the patient simply needs to be a aware of their condition and act accordingly which usually doesn't require any medication but rather a little consideration for diet, exercise and other activities. More serious examples of low, and particularly high blood pressure require consultation with a doctor and generally medication of some sort to be made available. Blood pressure problems are also often related to other conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes.

There are however, a number of approaches and more natural supplements that have shown remarkable results in many patients. Often some simple, but perhaps difficult to stick to, lifestyle and diet changes can have a significant effect. As with may medical conditions, they don't develop overnight so it's unrealistic to expect that they could disappear overnight so patience is required.

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Blood pressure

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