Diabetes, or Diabetes Mellitus, is a group of diseases affecting millions of people around the world. The numbers of people affected is going up rapidly and the age at which people begin to suffer from diabetes is coming down.

Diabetes in simple terms relates to the regulation of sugar levels in the body. This is because the pancreas is not creating enough insulin (Type 1) or the cells in the body are not responding correctly to the insulin (Type 2). Gestational diabetes is a third variant where a woman in pregnancy has a high level of blood glucose (sugar).

Type 2 is by the far the most common with the primary causes being excessive body weight, poor diet and not enough exercise. However, when a person is identified as at risk of developing diabetes, or they have already developed the condition there are many ways to reduce the impact of the disease or eliminate it completely. You doctor will advise you of the medical approaches which may be helpful to you.

There is also a wealth of knowledge available on ways to reduce or eliminate diabetes. Often it's a focused and structured change in lifestyle that will give you results - this sounds easy enough, but a change in diet and exercise at a fundamental level is not always obvious or easy to do.

We have recommended a small number of 3rd party information packs which have shown remarkable results for many people with diabetes. However, please remember that your diabetes did not appear overnight so don't expect a magic wand to fix it overnight - but once you start to see results it becomes easier.

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