Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is extremely common, affecting millions of people around the world. It can have a serious impact sufferers often leading to avoidance of social contact. It may effect the palms of the hands, armpits and soles of the feet, but fortunately there are ways to treat it.

There are three classes:
Primary (idiopathetic) focal hyperhidrosis where sweating occurs normally in the rest of the body, but excessively in one or more of the following - palms, feet, armpits, scalp. This affects around 3% of people.

Secondary focal hyperhidrosis is uncommon and is where sweating occurs in a specific place, such as the left hand. This may be the result of an injury or disease which requires medical consultation.

Generalised hyperhidrosis is excess sweating all over. This is less common than Primary hyperhidrosis and is usually related to an underlying condition such as anxiety, infections, heart problems or occasional even more serious conditions.

Most people suffering from excessive sweating fall into the first category and there are ways of managing, reducing and potentially eliminating the problem, often without any serious medical intervention (altho we do recommend consulting a doctor).

We have selected a small number of products which have demonstrated success for other sufferers so you may wish to take a look.

Excessive Sweating

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