Hemorrhoids are something that many of us face as we get older, and some women face them earlier as a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth. They are the pillow like veins that are located at the lowest part of the rectum and their movement helps us control and pass stools. They become a problem when they become enlarged, stretched or damaged through excessive pressure (going to the toilet or childbirth) or extended periods on the toilet due to overly firm stools.

Symptoms include pain, itching, bleeding and sometimes a prolapse where the they protrude out through the anus which tend to be the most uncomfortable and painful.

Fortunately Hemorroids can be treated. In extreme cases they can be removed, but in the majority of cases they can be 'tamed' with medication and changes to lifestyle. Increased fibre intake and a brisk walk once a day can often be enough to soften stools such that they don't create or exacerbate the problem, and other methods can reduce swelling temporarily or even permanently.

We have tried to answer a number of common questions related to hemorrhoids which we hope you find helpful.

Our research has also identified a small number of 3rd party products which have been successful in treating the condition. We have made comments and recommendations.


How to treat hemorrhoids

‘Hemeroids Almoranas’

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