Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Keratosis Pilaris treatment

Keratosis pilaris treatment, or KP, which is often referred to as ‘chicken skin’, is not a physically painful ailment. However, the look of the rash-like bumps is understood to cause significant frustration and depression, makings it emotionally uncomfortable for many sufferers.

Keratosis Pilaris treatment is often poorly defined by doctors, but alternative therapies have been successful.

The red spots that typify the condition can show up everywhere on your body. The face is the worst location as it is so visible. As with many skin disorders, a precise trigger is not known, and the culprit may well vary from person to person.

Talk to your medical doctor before you select a treatment or approach on your own. Or at least do a little online research - you will learn that KP cannot be healed as such, but there a number of ways that you can reduce the symptoms.

While there is no quick treatment, certain lotions are valuable if they are used consistently they can be effective. There are also a number of online programs that have proved highly successful and we have indicated a select few along with this article.


The majority of necessary Keratosis Pilaris triggers:
Your age.
Ingrown hairs.
Swelling of the hair producing follicles.
Persistent inflammation of the skin (for other reasons).

Getting a tan during the hot summer season can lead to extra redness and brand-new spots development. The spots established by KP are much like other skin problem, so the indicators and symptoms can be puzzling. Nor is it related to extremely bad individual health, although it is often believed that it is related to personal hygiene.

Selected Recommendations


Eating healthy foods and taking a great multi-nutritional supplement are things that we can do to keep the body working optimally, even at the DNA level. Skin irritation is your worst enemy, as while scratching your skin will probably end up being more red and unsightly. For that reason, never use cosmetics with a petroleum base. Pick a pure natural option if at all possible. Carefully go through the compounds prior to your purchase of any cosmetics and choose only those without these chemicals.

Shaving for men and women, is most likely to trigger chronic inflammation and ingrown hairs. It is important to use an high quality lubricant prior to shaving to lower inflammation and the danger of ingrown hairs. A tip is to shave ‘with’ the grain of the beard or leg hairs, rather than against it – the perception is that this will not be as close a shave, but the difference is minimal.

Skin mask/peeling products can also be effective and should be used once or twice a month. Eating fish or consuming fish oil products is very helpful too. This oil limits and subdues the swelling (bumps). Using sulphur-based cleansers is another tip. Salty and gentle exfoliation can make the skin smoother by cleaning the pores from dirt.

We've identified some of the programs designed for keratosis pilaris treatment – they are well put together and have shown good results for many people who suffer from this condition.

Recommendations – selected products that may help you.

Banish My Bumps

An all natural approach that is also appropriate for children. Developed by someone who has suffered with the condition for 15 years, so they appreciate the consequences of having this condition. Lots of testimonials say nice things, but even filtering out the overly positive ones, there are a lot of genuine comments that add up to a convincing picture for this product.

HHQ - A modern, fresh approach that does get results if you stick with the program. However fast they say it will work, be realistic and give it some time to take affect.

Living with KP

This info pack is a very practical and straightforward guid to managing and ultimately getting rid of your KP. It talks about some lifestyle changes which can take a while to kick-in, but also some specific instruction on exfoliation, skin balance, moisture, and some more dermatologist techniques.

HHQ - We like this guide as it balances a bigger picture view of making the changes in your habits that will stop the KP, but also some practical actions that you can do today to start getting results.