Kidney Health

Kidney health

Kidney health is in the category where we don't even notice them unless something goes wrong. Kidney health is in fact crucial to our wellbeing and health.

Kidneys remove excess water from our systems and clean toxins form our blood. When they fail, waste and fluid builds up in the body with early symptoms being a feeling of being unwell, weight gain, breathlessness, and swollen hands and feet.

kidneys also generate hormones to regulate blood pressure, increase the production of red blood cells, and keep your bones healthy. Kidneys can fail in four main ways: through infection, stones, cancer and disease. Clearly a doctor should be consulted in any of these situation, or more likely is that they will tell about one of these based on other symptoms that you have discussed with them.

Healthy kidneys? Drink lots of water, eat healthily, don't smoke or drink excessive alcohol, watch your blood pressure and stay trim and reasonably fit.

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Kidney health

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