How to get rid of manboob

How to get rid of man boob

If you’re asking ‘how to get rid of man boob’ then you’re probably suffering from this condition, and it’s affecting many men around the world. The embarrassment caused by manboob is not to be underestimated and can cause all sorts of self-esteem and confidence issues, with other males in the locker-room and with your relationships.

Before looking at how to get rid of man boob, you should understand what causes them in the first place. Officially called Gynecomastia, the condition can affect men of all ages, but the following is a summary.

1. If you are between the age of 12 and 18 years old, you need to do Nothing! During the adolescent years, a boy's body is starting to have hormonal imbalances to compensate for the body's changes during puberty. At this time the estrogen hormone (which is responsible to make men's breast go larger) are at their peak, and testosterone (which is responsible for not making it grow large) are at their lowest. This is a normal change of puberty, but trying some specific exercises and dietary changes can help however.

2. If you are 25 years old and above and you start to discover that your breasts are getting larger, maybe it's time to modify your diet and lifestyle. In fact, you need to do something because the condition will only get worse if you ignore it. If you are concerned about your chest now, then then things will become more uncomfortable over time.

The main causes are:

1. Being overweight – pretty obvious and there’s not much getting around this one. If you pile on the pounds then you will inevitably enlarge your breasts.

2. Genetics – not a single cause, but can increase your likelihood of developing the problem if it runs in the family.

3. Hormone imbalance – as touched on earlier, the female hormone, estrogen causes breasts to grow in women and when it’s levels increase in men it will do the same. Some estrogen is fine, providing it is balanced with testosterone, the male hormone. When an imbalance occurs then man boob can develop.

Selected Recommendations

So how to get rid of man boob ? Well you can’t do much about genetics, but fortunately you can do something about your weight and fitness, and your hormone levels.

Man boob is chest fat or gynecomastia. Getting rid of this condition is possible as long as you eat right and exercise. If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance seek out a qualified doctor for advice.

Man boob is most often due to a slow metabolism, unhealthy diet and having too little physical activity.

1.You need to get into some proven exercise routine.

Upper chest exercises. Tone your upper chest areas with bench presses. Pushups help but do not entirely get rid of chest fat. Interval training increases metabolism and burns excess body fats. Interval training is a minute of intense exercise followed by 3 minutes of easy workout and will reduce upper body fat quickly.

Cardio exercise also increases metabolism and reduces fat build up in the chest area. Sports activities such as biking, running, rowing and skiing are excellent fat burning activities. Doing this sort of activity consistently should rid you of man boobs in no time. The key word here is "consistently. This isn’t an overnight cure so you’ve got to stick with it.

2. Certain foods that can help.

Fibre flushes fats and toxins out of the body. Cereals, wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts are high in fibre.

Eat lean meat, more fish and sea food. Man boob are often a result of fat accumulation in the chest, but a high protein diet encourages the hormone balance to shift back to being testosterone dominant.
Avoid the sugar. There is nothing good about sugar.

3. Supplements for the condition.

Natural supplements are made from natural ingredients and often come in the form of pills. These natural pill treatments are said to be a good method of targeting fats found in the mammary glands and are effective in getting rid of man boob. Natural supplements have advantages over other treatments in getting rid of the extra chest weight by adding natural elements to your diet and do not require you to build muscle or burn calories by performing cardio exercises.

4. Surgery. The Last Solution

The medical term for this is Gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery and this is done by a surgeon who specializes in such condition. Several methods are used and it’s usually an out-patient event. But surgery should be a last resort when everything else fails. There is a long healing process and no strenuous physical activity for 3 months.

So now you know how to get of rid of man boob - by eating better and an exercise routine that will help you burn fat. Burn fat and shape your muscle, particularly in the upper chest area as this will lift your man boob and make them far less feminine as they shrink.

However, if you'd like some focus and some knowledge to accelerate reduction of your man boob, then take a look at some of the recommended products we've identified. There are lots on the market, but these have a demonstrable level of success that stood out in our research. They may help you so you can take a look if you wish.


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