Although there might be some amusement around this subject, it's no laughing matter for those who suffer from the condition.

It may be just a slightly larger amount of fat on the chest, all the way to full breasts which is clearly a source of real concern.nnGetting rid of manboobz is thought by many to be almost impossible. But this is simply not true.

However, an understanding and a focused approach is needed to deal with them. They need to be addressed in a number of ways.


As men or and women develop, our bodies produce both the male and female sex hormones normally, testosterone is the male and oestrogen the female. Throughout very early pregnancy, all embryos are in fact female. It is only when the y chromosome, that male embryos contain, triggers the manufacturing of testosterone and begins the development of male features such as male genitals, enlarged larynx and widening of the shoulders.


This describes why removing man boobs is so hard. Whether we are a guy or a woman, the cells of the chest will grow if estrogen (oestrogen) exists. They are a repeating our early female attributes. And the way they react is called differentiation. They separate into nursing cells. In females obviously, these are the cells that produce milk for infants during breast feeding. In males they just sit there causing manboobz.

A real problem and absolutely nothing to laugh about.

If the level of oestrogen in our blood stream is a little greater than usual, or, if the cells to which I referred are a little more receptive to oestrogen than normal, then they are likely to begin to increase in the size of your manboobz. In women this is just as you 'd expect it to be, naturally. In guys however, it is just a source of depression since we feel less manly and less attractive – and even a bit ‘odd’.n

Selected Recommendations

Lose the manboobz

There are a variety of things you can do:

1. Specially targeted exercises to reduce the amount of fat on your chest. Although you can’t spot focus fat reduction, you can strengthen specific muscle groups and they will tend to burn the fat closest to them first. Upper chest exercises can make a difference quickly. Try push-ups as an easy starter. Exercise in itself also reduces oestrogen levels, and therefore your breasts. (Female bodybuilders all have fake boobs because theirs shrink).

2. A low fat diet to stop fat accumulating on the chest. Less fat in means less fat being stored. Be careful of the just aiming for the ‘diet’ versions of products as these can be loaded with chemicals which just increase your hormone levels. Look for more fresh food and vegetables – for many it’s a difficult shift, but not as difficult as you might think. And lay of the junk food and booze (especially beer) as these encourage oestrogen.

3. Hormone management reducing oestrogen levels can help to reduce breast swelling. A doctor can test your hormone levels and advise you on the best course of action regarding this. Some foods encourage the production of oestrogen (that makes you grow boobs) so they should be avoided.

Inform yourself and get working on a program

The information here is not a substitute for medical opinion or diagnosis of your specific case.

The best way to access the specialized information you need to implement the above is by getting yourself one of the special manboobz programs, They are inexpensive, they’re written by professionals who specialize in this problem and, providing you make the effort, they definitely do work.

We’ve selected the ones that stand out from the crowd and offer some genuine results.

Recommendations – selected products that may help you.

The Chest Coach – Lose Manboobs

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How to Lose Manboobs Now

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Pro Testerone

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