Sexual Health

Sexual Health is crucial to our general health and also to our wellbeing as people - so it is imperative that we pay close attention to this area of our lives from the emotional to the physical issues that can affect us.

We have provided information in response to a number of common questions and hope that this proves helpful to you. In addition, we have selected a number of products and info packs from 3rd parties that have been highly successful in helping men and women all over the world on a range of issues. Links are provided for you.

Why am I not getting pregnant?

We offer some insight into some of the reasons why you're not getting pregnant. Some of these may be simple and easy to fix while others are more complex and will be tougher to deal with.nBut the is always a way.

How to increase chances of getting pregnant

Some information on things you can do to help you get pregnant.nA number of factors are medically supported, some are good old fashioned 'old wives tales', but all are potentially effective.